Why is my Autoboom not reacting poorly? (Raven Ultraglide)

There are three setting inside your display that affect your Autoboom. They are called Speed, Sensitivity and Stability. The three work together to make your system work properly.

Speed- is how fast the boom will move away from an obstacle. A slow speed will result in a slow sluggish system with booms raising and lowering slowly, and a high speed can cause overcorrections, waving the booms up and down violently. Default is 25. When making adjustments, adjust this setting second.

Sensitivity- is how sensitive the sensor are to changes in height. With a high setting, the sensors will react to every little change in the crop canopy, causing constant boom movement, and with a low setting you can risk a collision. Default is 15. When making adjustments, adjust this setting first.

Stability- are how stable the boom are, with one boom compensating for the other. A setting of 0 means that the booms are completely free from each other and one boom will not try to compensate. A setting from 1-99 will allow for compensation. Lower numbers will allow the boom not being controlled to go up or down, to help prevent the boom from rocking. Having a number too low may prevent the booms from lowering, since they are compensating too much. Higher settings will allow the booms to be more independent of each other, but having the setting too high will result in a rocking boom and rack. Default is 20. When making adjustments, adjust this setting last.

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