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Precision Agriculture FAQs

Why is my Autoboom not reacting poorly? (Raven Ultraglide)

There are three setting inside your display that affect your Autoboom. They are called Speed, Sensitivity and Stability. The three work together to make your system work properly. Speed- is how fast the boom will move away from an obstacle. A slow speed will result in a slow...
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Why is my Autoboom not working? (Raven Ultraglide)

This could be a number or reasons. First boom out (if you haven’t already) and engage the autoboom. Standing in front of the boom, listen for a quiet clicking noise at each sensor. You can also put your hand under a sensor to see if the system will react. Caution: The boom may jolt up, so...
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Why do I keep getting a No Terrain Corrections error? (EZ-Steer)

If an error “No Terrain Corrections” appears on your display it means that your Terrain Compensator has lost connection with your system, resulting in your EZ-Steer not working until you restart the system. The usual cause for this is a under voltage going to the Terrain...
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Why does my antenna randomly lose signal? (Trimble Systems)

If your GPS randomly loses signal it isn’t always the antenna that goes bad. The first thing to check is the antenna cable. On FM750 systems for example, keep the antenna cable plugged into the back of the display, and disconnect the cable from the antenna. With a volt meter, touch...
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Why is my machine oversteering or understeering? (Trimble EZ-Steer/EZ-Pilot)

If your machine is making a bunch of S patterns through your field, 90% of the time it is your Angle per Turn Calibration. Making the calibration number smaller will make it steer more, and making the number larger will make it steer less (This doesn’t make it more aggressive, it just...
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Why is my machine leaving misses pass to pass?

The first place to check is to make sure your left right offset is correct. If you have no offset it should be 0. Next check if it is missing on both sides. If it is missing on both sides your implement width is incorrect. If one side is missing, and one side is overlapping with your implement...
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